Tony Wu                                                         Mr. Gao                                                                         Mrs. Ma

Tony is the founder of Global United L.L.C. He starts this business because he realized that American companies are still paying too much for products they purchased internationally. Before GU, Tony have started another company in 2009 which is a software company focusing on cloud computing performance management and became very successful business later on. Also, Tony served as the International Program Manger at GongYing hi-tech investment Corp and member of North Carolina Chinese Business Association(NCCBA) from 2009 to 2011. His experience in entrepreneurship and import-export and his connections in China will help Global United L.L.C steadily grow.

        Mr.Gao works in Chinese base  as the Director for textile department.  He has many years experience in managing a team to work efficiently and corporate well.

        Mrs.Ma works in Chinese base as the senior manager in textile department. She has over 8 years experience in textile exporting and unparalleled spirit of dedication. Her professionalism has earned her lots of reputation in this industry and many customers choose us because of her.

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