Mr. H is a buyer from Charlotte, NC running a fine formalwear business. He has two locations in North Carolina and at a wholesale level, achieving sales of 10,000 suits per year. Initially, he used to source products both domestically and through international partnerships. However, using Global United's extensive supply chain network, he was able to find a low-cost supplier, along with efficiencies in delivery, for a faster and more cost-effective arrival at US ports. This client has been a family friend for a while, and Global United has made this relationship even stronger, by helping this client find lower cost and higher quality manufacturers internationally.

How did the process get started?

Well, it all started with some samples. The client provided some samples to use as a size reference and some inspiration for new fashion designs. Our team took it from there. It took about two weeks to source some of the finest material, after which our agents in China inspected it, both for quality and feel. After insuring only the highest standards and consulting with the design team, counter-samples were produced. The classic design presented by the client created the foundation for the new samples, however, they also emphasized a newer look that was added by the design team. This new design allowed these garments to be used for a variety of functions, including both business and special events, increasing the market and sales for my client.

Considering the amount of units my client ordered, he was able to save an estimated $140,000 per year. Using the vast network of efficiencies of Global United, this entire process only took four months, from sample to final warehouse delivery. In particular, each process was handled by a specialized agent, giving it the most fine detail and speed. The first two weeks were used for sample breakdown and grading of size specifications. During the next two weeks, our agents explored dozens of fabric factories to find the finest quality materials for this project. Furthermore, the team bundled the fabric needed by multiple projects and leveraged this buying power to negotiate the lowest prices for all of our clients simultaneously. After fabric was purchased, a sample was made according to client specifications and rushed, via air express, to the client for approval. After a few modifications and design approval, the production agents took over the main stage of the project. They contacted numerous connections and extensive networking databases to find a factory that also supplied to fashion leaders, such as H & M. This large factory had hundreds of employees, who worked quickly to produce the product and also packed it efficiently, to keep shipping costs at their lowest. Despite higher fuel prices, my client was still able to save on transportation costs, which was the final, three-week part of the process. All in all, four months later, quality product and significant savings.

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